02__Katty01Passionate about art and good taste, I enjoy doing manual work and I love cake-pastry. What better opportunity to create Cake Show? This symbiosis of art, crafts and pastry-making allows the creation of beautiful artistic cakes.

The art of modeling sugar is one of the things I have always been attracted. Thus was born the project that began as a greedy idea, took shape and strength to become reality and led to what is now Cake Show, a company where you will find delightful and beautiful customized cakes.

You can also enjoy tasting of biscuits, crackers, cookies, mini-cakes or cupcakes decorated with varied and unique designs. They are part of the latest fashion and are the perfect complement to be given away to the guests as a memento of your wedding or any important anniversary we want to be engraved in the hearts and in the most demanding palates.

The most valuable moments of life generally held among family and loved ones around a table. To highlight the event, a cake is offered for that “someone” who will feel appreciated. Why not do it even more special with an artistic and unusual dessert?

My desire is to serve you as you deserve and to know you are pleased to feel as the king or the queen of the celebration.

Caterina Bianchi Di Vigny


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